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Hello and welcome to our home on the web! Thanks for stopping by. We’re pleased to have you here with us.

We’re two authors who were brought together thanks to the internet and a love of books. Isn’t modern technology grand?

Make yourself a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and take a look at our pages. We’ll be updating and adding material, on the regular, so don’t be a stranger. Below you can read a little more about each one of us.


image1Stephanie M Nason

I am a Stay at home mother, Author, Book Reviewer and Youtube daily vlogger. I spend my days creating, playing and raising my two children; Eli 4.5 and Anyah 2.5 and baby number 3 due March 2017. At naptime and night I am writing, reading and reviewing, not all at once, but, close.

I post when I have read- it could be 3 times a week it could be every 2 weeks- I hope that won’t discourage you from sticking around.

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On an extended leave.

feblogSofia Essen

My name is Sofia Essen. I’ve been an expat since childhood. I grew up in the stables of the Middle East and South East Asia, surrounded by horses, philandering polo players, and the occasional Boa Constrictor.

Growing up, if I wasn’t on horseback, I had my nose in a book. I didn’t read books, I lived them. Characters in novels became my best friends. And ultimately I started creating my own.

I’ve written two novels, “Ariel” and “Anna”, under the pen name Fia Essen. Both books are available in paperback and kindle format on Amazon.

Find me and my books on:
My Amazon Author Page

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